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Insider Tips to Get Rid Of Google My Business (GMB) Spam in Roofing (With Examples)

By September 1, 2020June 2nd, 2021No Comments

Insider Tips to Get Rid Of Google My Business (GMB) Spam in Roofing (With Examples)

In our previous blog, I gave an elementary introduction to GMB spam. If you don’t have the time to catch up, here’s the gist – your roofing competitors are stealing your leads and money through spamming and keyword stuffing is one of the most abused practices. 

Today, I am going to delve deeper into the issue and find out other dubious tactics commonly used. Who knows you are also cooking spam, unknowingly? So, buckle up and get to the end of it!

GMB Listing Suspension is Possible 

Using a hyphen or keyword stuffing comes with deadly consequences as long as Google is concerned. Google’s algorithm is changing rapidly, and nobody can keep spamming the list forever.  

Soft suspension and hard suspension – these are the two ways to get your listing suspended. Even though you are not caught in the act, your competitor might take heed of it. 

But why does Google make changes to its algorithm every month or so? One of the reasons is to upgrade their spam detection capabilities. Of course, they are getting more and more efficient in detecting spam with each update.  

Nevertheless, let’s find out how the roofing companies with a shaky online presence can outrank you by using spamming and other fraudulent techniques. 

Take a Closer Look at the Displayed Picture 

Google My Business listing is not something you can blindly rely on; here is proof of it. 

I came across a roofing service, which only displays a house instead of its office. Even if we presume that the photo is credible, the provider should have focused on the roofing of this house first! 

This brings me to a vital point – if your rank is behind them, make sure there is a good reason for it. 

Now Let’s Go over the Address 

This one is pretty common to sniff out any spam – use of a wrong address. Your competitor might be using a bogus address to manipulate the listing.

Sure, there might be a genuine roofing company once upon a time. But, the present-day scenario depicts a whole another story. 

Obviously, one thing can happen – a service provider might ask his friends to get through the Google verification and put the address to use. To me, this is highly suspicious. 

You’d be surprised to know what I found once – a roofing company using the location of a church! Now we don’t know if he is a preacher, but something shady about the GMB listing is there. 

Keyword Stuffing is Another Common Trick 

In our previous blog, I discussed how roofing companies with almost zero reviews can leave the one with more than a hundred reviews behind. But you would like to know what keyword stuffing does, right? 

Remember, the example with a hyphen I mentioned. So, the phrases put right after the hyphen are stuffed keywords.  

For example, I found George Beck Builders – Residential Roofer & Home Remodeler & Roof Repair Mobile AL. Now, such a huge company name exists on GMB, thanks to keyword stuffing! Yes, 8 keywords are in use.  

If you want to become a pro in identifying the spam, you do not need the website or affiliation. One cursory glance at the company name is enough. 

So, if you think your roofing company is spamming the GMB listing or you are suffering due to it, I’d like to assist. Just drop a message below!

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