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Foolproof Tips to Maintain Local Spot Rankings for Roofing and Earn More Leads

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Type “roofing services” in Google search and press Enter. A string of companies lines up along with red pins over a map. Now, why does it happen? For the uninitiated, the local pack ranking is responsible for it. If you run a roofing business, Google My Business is an integral tool to get local clients. 

To maintain a consistent digital presence, you would need leads. More roofing leads pave the way for more money, more success for your roofing company. 

So, today I present you another way to get the best out of GMB. Let’s go over the next section and discover some of the best-kept secrets for local pack rankings. 

How To Get Flooded With ‘Eager To Buy’ Leads In Just One Month? 

Believe it or not, this actually happened. And no, I am not talking about those who call others for leads. 

Start with a plan – write a new post per week. You can pick your own topics, but I would suggest focusing on fresh products, philanthropic activities, and changes in the workplace. 

The goal is to reveal how trustworthy and reliable your business looks before the potential roofing leads. 

Let’s Delve Deeper into the Posts

Amidst the global pandemic, the roofing companies are putting extra attention to the posts.

It is a smart move to publish updates on business operations. Make a post every week, and keep up the consistency.

I think it can be the very opposite of a nuisance for curious minds. Of course, a few tips can help along the way.

•Using the Latest Feature

When a lead inquires about the service, Google is usually the first person to contribute with a review. If it does not happen, it shows one of your posts.

As the reviews do not address the concern factually, the post solves the issue. This immensely helpful feature, launched in November, kills a great deal of stress for roofing companies.

•Shaping the Content

As you are about to create a post, the writing style matters the most when it comes to converting readers into actual customers. So, go through the following tips before jotting down whatever comes in your mind,

•Word Count – Do not make the post longer than 300 words. The minimum word count is 100. Don’t worry – a well-structured sentence is likely to contain 30-50 words.

•Writing Style – Keep it simple, crisp, and succinct. After all, 50% of the US-Americans prefer reading on an 8th grade level.

•Think & Plan – Planning is the key to success. Outline the content strategy before a month. Do a series to keep them hooked.

•Info about the Business – Do not hesitate to discuss the products and services, and working hours. Add an insider’s look on how a roof installation pans out.

You can also include some unusual or attention-grabbing aspect of your service. The key is to offer an in-home demo to the prospects through the content.

•Finding an Eye-Catching Image

Images play a crucial role in the content. Most importantly, it lifts out the pressure of feeling bored while reading. But, the photos you pick are essential to consider and reconsider.

Today’s internet-savvy prospects can easily understand whether it is a stock or unique photo. Use a unique image to sustain their curiosity.

Take a look at these tips and perfect the art of adding images,

•Do not think about stock photos, think of something original. Google can read images now.

•Use an app like Ripl to create impressive images. Give the 15-second videos a try, too.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of engaging pictures for the posts.

•Updating the Section Regularly

Are you open on Labor Day? If yes, update it. The special business hours should not be missed out. Above all, Google prefers GMB profiles that help, inform, and engage.

Before finishing the lesson here, a few quick tips,

•Weekly management requires commitment.

•Maintain a list of weekly lists.

•Originality stands out, so will your GMB profile with bona fide posts and images.

•Communicate with your clients through the posts.

•Provide error-free information.

Now it’s Your Turn

In the end, I would highly recommend maintaining a calendar until things fall into a routine. Personally, I feel Fridays are the best for GMB. Remember, a post’s validity is up to 1 week.

So, 1 new post per week secures a steady place. Who knows you can wake up one day and find tons of topics to talk about?

In case you have learned one thing from today’s post, let me know!

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