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Power Your Business With Review And Reputation Management

With Customer Feedback & Online Reviews


  • Grow your revenue and marketing by impacting SEO, reviews, and social proof
  • Reduce negative reviews by making feedback easy for your customers
  • Save time and money with a simple, robust and actionable solution

Reviews Build Proof & Trust

Reviews give potential customers more information about your business that can help tip the scales in your favor.

Reviews Matter

Customers are looking at reviews to learn about your business

●  76% of consumers always or regularly read online reviews when browsing for a local business

●  89% of consumers are highly or fairly likely to use a business who responds to ALL reviews.

●  Conversely, 57% of consumers are not very likely or not likely at all to use a business who doesn’t respond to any reviews

●  55% of consumers would feel positively about a business if the owner has responded to reviews


Feedback Request Process

Create a simpler, more effective request process that asks every customer for feedback and provides a true reflection of your business’ reputation.

Requesting Reviews

Customers will respond if you request reviews properly

●  Businesses with more than the average number of reviews across ALL review sites bring in 54% more in annual revenue

●  After having a positive experience, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend

SEO Benefits of Reviews

Be found easier when you add local user-generated content to your website.


SEO Benefits

Drive up search results and engagement

●  In 2022, reviews were the 2nd most important local ranking factor for business

●  Offsite SEO-related factors like reviews carry more than 50% of the ranking factor weight

●  Review snippets in organic search results can increase click through rates by up to 35%

  • Email or SMS
  • Review Monitoring for 50+ sites
  • Kiosk Mode, Feedback URL and Locator
  • Integrate with other popular software
  • Manual or customer list upload
  • Receive new feedback and review notifications
  • Read & Respond
  • Auto-tagging of themes
  • View reporting
  • Insights Report
  • Inbox for review responding
  • Review Widget displays reviews on your website
  • Share reviews on Social Media channels
  • Add social proof with Conversion Pop-up
  • Generate 3rd-party reviews
  • Impact SEO and get review stars in search results


Let’s look at how we generate customer feedback and reviews from your customers and the web

We help you proactively ASK for feedback and reviews

Your customer shops with you, buys from you, or completes a service with you and we help you ask them for feedback and online reviews.

We have numerous proactive methods to help engage as many of your customers as possible.

Email and SMS requests have many options using 3 base ”Request Modes”.



Features, tools, and reports so you can learn from, manage, and respond to your customers.

Customer Activity puts all of your customers in one place

Tap into the live stream of your customers and their experiences.

See all of your customers in a single source view with endless options on how you can filter and take action.

Read customer feedback, respond, view statuses, and more.

Receive email notifications when new interactions happen

Our service not only captures customer data for your account, we send email notifications for specific actions including:

New customer feedback – good or bad
New 3rd-party online reviews
New Google Q&A content
Automated weekly or monthly email reports

A full reporting suite to view the data you need to grow

Featuring a robust set of reports, you can view data in many ways to manage your customer’s experience.

Benefit from the control of date ranges, actions, review sites, rating types, tags and more to understand your business better every day.


Fuel your marketing with customer generated content to showcase reviews, improve SEO, and win new customers.

Conversion Pop-up adds social proof to your website

Bring a visually appealing display of your latest ratings and reviews right to any page of your website.

Build social trust and convert more website visitors to contacts by leading with reputation.

Get the BEST Review Widget on the market

We influence the majority of reputation results from Google Searches about your business.

Because the Review Widget includes review schema you can reap the benefits of SEO and enhanced search results to help you compete on search engine results pages.

Easily integrated into your website, Review Widget displays selected 1st-party reviews (with review schema for SEO benefits) as well as selected 3rd-party reviews for additional social trust.

Turn your 1st and 3rd-party reviews into eye-catching social media graphics using the image generator.

Create custom visual themes to brand images and stand out to your audience.

Post directly to Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Set it and forget it with an automation to share on Social Media.

Let’s power your business with reviews and customer feedback. You can GENERATE, MANAGE and MARKET your customer experience starting today.     Review and reputation management is crucial for your business. Click below to learn more and get your FREE Reputation Scorecard!!

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