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Best Roofing CRM Software

When it comes to a roofing CRM or roofing management system, the real question is, which roofing management system is best for your company.

At this point, there are many roofing CRMs marketing their platforms to roofers.

The thing most roofing CRM companies forget, is even though it may all be to roofers; all roofing companies are still very different.

Today we will discuss which roofing CRM or roofing management system is best for your particular roofing company.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Easy To Use: No Complex Software, No Learning Curve And No Fuss. Nobody likes a hard to use software program. SSA makes a roofer’s life much more simple. Now with our brand new Progressive Web App (PWA) version of the SSA mobile App, SSA makes your life even better.

SSA will configure your account for you so all you have to do is jump in and start using our software. The SSA trained staff provides as much training as you want. Our job is to get you managing your roofing company more efficiently.

Even your roofing clients will have their very on SSA client portal. This way everyone of your clients will have access to all of their roofing documents.


Pay One Low Monthly Price for smaller roofing companies and one price for larger roofers, this is a way you always know what you are paying for. A starter package for new and smaller roofing companies helps get the new comer and smaller roofers a fair system, and a Platinum package for larger roofing companies. Once in our platinum package, there are no limits for the number of users you have. At SSA we also do not charge you for integrations. Many other roofing CRMs charge for Quickbooks and other software integration, not at SSA. What we have you get.


Access Your Files From Any Device, Anywhere. SSA is the very first roofing CRM to have a PWA version of our mobile App. The SSA PWA has full functionality from the desktop version to the mobile App. Another first in the roofing CRM industry by SSA.

Why Are All Roofing Management Systems Not Right For All Roofing Companies?

1. Not all roofing companies are the same size.

The reason the size of your roofing company matters is the cost and sophistication level of the CRM or management system you are looking at. Every roofing company is also operating at a different level.

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