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Website Migration

Have you worked hard to design a website you like only to see that it's down most of the time?

Have you lost customers because it takes too long for pages to load?

Or maybe you found out that you're paying more for hosting than you could be?

You don't have to start over with a brand-new website. You can migrate the one you already have to a better, more reliable hosting company. At Raise the Rank, we can host your website and help you with the migration so you don't lose customers in the process.

What Is Website Migration?

Just like migration in nature, website migration is simply moving your website from one place to another. Every website is hosted on a server, so when you change hosting companies, you're merely taking your website from one server to a different one.

Sounds easy, right?

At Raise the Rank, we believe it should be easy and involve as little downtime as possible so your customers never have to know what's going on behind the scenes. That's why we offer these migration tips to help you make the move as seamlessly as possible.

Tips for Website Migration

  1. Make a copy of all of your website files before you tell your old hosting company you're leaving. While it's polite to give your hosting company some notice before you leave, the staff may erase all your files as soon as you inform them, leaving you with nothing.

  2. Download your backup files. All your databases should be available as compressed files, which will make the migration easier. Don't decompress them -- you'll be adding an unnecessary step and potentially more downtime.

  3. Do a test run with us before you cancel your previous hosting service. By testing us out, you'll see how well our servers work. And you'll be able to ensure everything runs smoothly without any downtime while you migrate.

As easy as 1-2-3!

Contact us today to talk about hassle-free migration of your website. We can help with every aspect of the move and take your website hosting to the next level.