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SEO Audits

If your core business doesn't involve building websites, you may be missing out on simple strategies for improving your company's web presence. After all, the experience and expertise that goes into creating an intuitive, attractive and informative site is a unique skill set. Instead of a do-it-yourself approach, consider bringing in a professional to conduct periodic SEO audits.

Stronger Web Presence

Our in-depth understanding of web marketing nuances means that we can conduct a comprehensive audit of your website and/or marketing presence to determine what is holding your company back. We offer a new perspective, an extra pairs of eyes and a powerful suite of audit tools you can use to explore all the nooks and crannies of your page. We compile our results and provide actionable steps you can take to improve your web and/or marketing presence.

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work, so each audit plan is tailored to your business. You won't be asked to choose from packaged services. Instead, we consider the size of your site and your company's goals to guide our approach. We customize audits for your situation, using your business goals to determine where and in which order to focus our efforts.

Comprehensive Audit Services

In some situations, we dig into the technical side of your site to learn more about your markup and site speed. Other times, we look at the factors that contribute to organic search success and correct anything that is holding you back. We have up-to-date knowledge of search engine spiders, and we also understand that your site will be read by human beings. We know how to strike a perfect balance.

Many sites require a content audit, so we carefully review the information on your pages. We give specific feedback on which pieces are strong, which could use tweaking and which should be removed right away. In addition, we offer recommendations for creating new content.

If you struggle to use social media to your full advantage, don't worry. We can complete a social media audit, offering specific feedback on how your social media engagement compares with your competitors. We share specific recommendations on where to commit your resources for the greatest impact.

Getting Started

When you contact us, we won't try to sell you unnecessary services. Instead, we will discuss your business goals and review your site to determine exactly how to best support you in strengthening your web presence. Once we fully understand your needs, we will recommend the specific audits necessary to maximize your competitive edge.

Remember, not every site needs a full battery of audits. In many cases, we have found silent site killers with a basic site review.