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Reporting for SEO

Search engine optimization is vital for any budding entrepreneur who wants to get noticed. At Raise the Rank, though, we recognize that utilizing common SEO tactics isn't enough. Thanks to constantly changing search algorithms, you must stay on top of your SEO campaign's effectiveness at all times. And with Raise the Rank's SEO reporting, you can do just that.

SEO Reporting vs. Google Algorithms

If you've ever read about search engine optimization, you likely know that Google uses an algorithm to return the best possible results. What most business owners don't know, however, is that this algorithm is constantly changing. In fact, there were five updates to Google's algorithm in 2015, and 2016 is on track to have even more.

Without SEO reporting, you may never notice when a strategy that was paying huge dividends suddenly becomes obsolete. Google always tries to stay one step ahead of SEO experts, but at Raise the Rank, we utilize SEO reporting to ensure your site can adapt to whatever Google throws at it.

Discover What Works, and What Doesn't

SEO reporting doesn't just show the effects of algorithm changes; it also tells us what potential customers are responding to. A highly sought after keyword means absolutely nothing if people aren't searching for it. With SEO reporting, you will see exactly what's working for your site and what isn't.

The best part is that data can be collected on your content, such as blogs and videos, as well as your main website. Whether or not people see any of your online content rests squarely on search engine optimization. And if you're able to see which strategy is paying off, you can save substantial money in your marketing budget.

Set Goals and Exceed Them

Far too many businesses simply engage in a few marketing strategies and hope for the best. At Raise the Rank, we recognize that more is necessary. Your company needs to have a goal in mind. Whether this is increased monthly website visits or capturing a higher spot on Google, it's simply important to have something to strive for.

SEO reporting is how you'll know if you've met your goals. Utilizing this information, we can make improvements on your marketing scheme and focus on continuing your success or getting it started. Knowledge is power, and the experts at Raise the Rank will ensure you have all the information necessary to make your SEO strategy a successful one.