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Do you really know where your customers are coming from?

Maybe you see that a few people have liked your Facebook page. Or maybe your business has a Twitter following. Are you sure that's where your traffic is coming from?

What about your Google AdWords campaigns? Sure, you get a report but does it really tell you what drew people to those campaigns?

Do you run commercials on television? Radio? Do you take advantage of print ads? How do you know if your customers are driven to your website from those avenues or from somewhere else?

There is a way to gather information that will help you determine where your traffic comes from and how to increase it.

It's called Analytics.

You've probably heard of (and maybe even tried) Google Analytics and other similar software. Most of these programs provide you with a plethora of reports:

  • Number of visitors
  • Source of traffic
  • Bounce rates
  • And lots of graphs with bars, arrows and wavy-colored lines.

But what they don't tell you is how to make educated decisions about where and how your marketing budget can be used to grow your business.

At Raise the Rank, we believe that analytics should be the difference between collecting data and actually understanding that data.

Go Team!

Consider your marketing campaign like a football team. You've got multiple players all working together to get the ball into the end zone. They may have different functions, but you'd never put the quarterback out on the field all alone would you? And you certainly wouldn't be able to field a team if you only paid the quarterback and not the other players. And most of all, you wouldn't stop playing after the first touchdown. You want to keep making those touchdowns, right?

When you use Raise the Rank for analytics reports, we help you understand the roles of your marketing "players" and help you devise a plan that gives you a winning edge. Our process includes:

  • Identifying your business goals
  • Understanding the metrics you need to succeed
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards with the data you need
  • Tracking the impact of your offline marketing
  • Providing training for you and your team

One of the highlights of our analytics process is helping you take advantage of multi-attribution funnels. Instead of just assuming that your channels are converting on the first visit, or that traffic is driven by a certain channel instead of an organic search, we show you how your players work together as a team. You gain valuable insights, see how visitors engage with your site and learn how to distribute your marketing budget.

Ready for analytics success? Contact us today to get the process started.